Android malware: Three apps have been available in the Google Play Store for months

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They’re nothing new, but they’ve just been discovered by security experts. There have been three apps available for months in the Google Play Store. Which contain malicious code from the famous cybercrime group. An app even cleverly eliminates those installations.

The three brazen apps were no longer noticeable in the Android Play Store

Once again, this trend is thanks to micro-security experts who discovered malware in the Google Play Store. According to current reports, researchers discovered three applications that connect to known servers. And then transmit sensitive information.

Accordingly, the app collects information such as personal data, camera information. As well as screenshots of the account data to send them back to the criminal assistant. It also includes the ability to pause and move information, especially from apps like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or Chrome.

Android malware

All three applications are called Filecryptmanager, Callcam and Camero. According to Trend Micro, a review of the information contained in the relevant app certificates indicates that apps have been available for Android devices in the App Store since March 2019.

Of course, the following applies: If one of them is installed, immediate deletion is strongly recommended. Callcam tries to prevent the installation by automatically hiding the app’s icon – the only way through these settings is to help. Google has now deleted all three applications.

Known supporters since 2012

Trend Micro has claimed that there were clear indications of a backlash from which the apps were discontinued during the investigation. Accordingly, the applications connect to a server that can be explicitly assigned to a well-known cybercrime group called Side Entertainment. The criminal association first attracted attention in 2012 when it was linked to the attack on Windows computers of military targets in Pakistan.

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