AMD explains why Ryzen 4000 APU uses Vega graphics

One processor for rendering everything. 64-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X fully declassified

CES show on AMD released 7nm Zen2 processor architecture final product family – Dacentrurus 4000, code-named Renoir Renoir Dacentrurus APU processor, including for the light of the sharp dragon 4000U series, this game Dacentrurus for the 4000H series There is also an entry-level Athlon 3000U series.

The Ryzen 4000 Series processors bring 8-core 16 thread CPUs with a frequency of up to 4.2GHz. Performance is good and powerful, but the Ryzen 4000 series is also unsatisfactory. The GPU portion does not use the latest 7nm RDNA architecture or Vega architecture has also shrunk from Viga 10 to Viga 8.


About this problem, Robert Hallak, head of technical marketing at AMD, recently explained that when the company started developing the Ryzen 4000 series processor, the 7nm new family was not ready and they could only use Vega Core GPUs. Was.

Regarding the shrinking of the specifications, Robert Hallock made it clear that every Vega Core unit is 59% faster than the Vega Core of the Ryzen 2000 Series, and performance has increased rather than decreased.

AMD ’s CEO Su Zifeng also explained in an interview

In fact, AMD ’s CEO Su Zifeng also explained in an interview before. She said that AMD developed the Ryzen 4000 processor three years ago. At that time, only vega core GPUs were available, and vega was also optimized by AMD. of.

In general, on the Ryzen 4000 processor, AMD has realized an 8- core and 16- thread architecture. The CPU part is significantly improved, but it also means that the GPU part cannot be significantly increased. Compared with the current Ryzen APU, the 8- core The 4 cores will take up more area, and the GPU part will be streamlined anyway.

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More importantly, with the enhancement of notebook performance, the GPU of the nuclear display will only become less and less important. High-end games will inevitably be paired with high-end graphics cards. Enhancing nuclear display will be unsatisfactory. AMD is now streamlining the GPU core.

In addition, CEO Lisa Su also confirmed that there will be based on 7nm RDNA architecture Dacentrurus APU ‘s, next year is estimated to be the next generation of Dacentrurus 5000 on a series can be achieved.

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