Google Pixel 4a: next chance to launch on August 3rd?

Google_Pixel_4a_Chance of launch in agust

An endless story called Pixel 4a may or may not end in August. It seems that Google just does not know what to do with the Pixel Phones, the latest leak now indicates the launch date on August 3. Now we have our doubts.

It’s getting harder to report upcoming pixel phones. The fact is that the Pixel 4a exists, which is confirmed by countless practical reports with a prototype. And constantly appearing entries in the dealer databases. Why does the successor of the now officially discontinued Pixel 3a (refurbished at Amazon for 287 euros) simply do not want to do this in stores. Only Google knows and quiet hardware.

The fact that Google is no longer releasing the Pixel 3a has given rise to hope that the launch of the Pixel 4a will soon be serious. But the last appointment was without a hardware restart and the coming Monday. At least, according to John Prosser – the actually planned July date is now also canceled. Instead, Monday, August 3, is in the room, at least if you want to believe this Leader. Which perhaps not everyone is doing at the moment.

pixel  4a in agust

A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Google might have decided not to launch this pixel in the summer and introduce a mid-level pixel as part of the Pixel 5 family in the fall. This theory has recently received new food and could even be most likely. Apparently, Google does not know in which direction pixel phones should move. It seems that only one thing has been fixed: a real flagship is not on the agenda. At least in 2020, Google can only appear here in 2021, with its own chipset instead of the expensive Qualcomm processor. Take off. Unfortunately, this is not yet confirmed.

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|Google Pixel 4a certified by the FCC, the smartphone could start soon

Although Google has been working on the Pixel 4a for some time, it is still unknown when the smartphone will see the light of day. FCC certification now includes early launch. Release in the fall is becoming more likely.

Google Pixel 4a has been certified by the US regulatory agency FCC. This means that nothing is stopping the launch in the United States. Theoretically, a release could take place in the coming days. Without a major crisis, the smartphone could have been launched in May. It is believed that Google has not yet shown the Pixel 4a just because of the difficult market situation.

Google Pixel 4a certified by the FCC, smartphone could start soon

|Google Pixel 4a XL selected image appeared

In the past few weeks, people know that Google Pixel 4a will only be available in a single version. Now, the CAD file has been leaked, which indicates that the XL model was previously planned. Rendered images were made for this purpose.

The leaked CAD file came from Twitter user “xleaks7”. These pictures were published in collaboration with Pigtou. The size of Google Pixel 4a XL should be 154.3 x 73.9 x 8.2 mm, and a camera hole should be provided on the display. The design is slightly different from Google Pixel 4a. There is no information about the internal components.

Google Pixel 4a XL selected image appeared

On the back is a square camera module, which obviously should contain two lenses. In addition, Google Pixel 4a XL should have a fingerprint sensor and headphone jack.

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