Xiaomi accused of spying Moreover, in espionage in his homeland

Xiaomi accused of spying Moreover, in espionage in his homeland

The Western world regularly suspects Chinese companies for spying for their government. Now, Xiaomi and Tennant have accused of illegally collecting data in their own country, rather than elsewhere.

The Chinese government illegally placed Xiaomi and Tencent on the list of the country’s largest companies collecting personal data. The Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology (MIIT) have compiled a list of 41 requests that violate national laws on personal data collection and re-sale. These applications request a lot of permissions, and in some cases make the subscribe process a lot of trouble.

Xiaomi accused of spying

The list of applications includes Xiaomi Finance, Tencent Q-Q (instant messaging service), Q-Q readings (e-books platform), famous news aggregators in Sina Corp, China (36k and Soho News) and Flash. X delivery service included.

Sources confirm that Chinese regulators are doubling their efforts to counter requests that do not favour the concept of privacy. Last month, Chinese authorities launched a campaign to blacklist and block such mobile applications.

Xiaomi on the way to becoming a global enterprise

The company’s revenue from international sales will soon exceed 50%

At the fourth business conference yesterday, Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, said that only 9 years after Xiaomi’s inception, investment in research and development reached $ 830 million last year.

This year’s investment volume will exceed 1 billion. Xiaomi is planning to invest about $ 1.43 billion in research and development next year. Xiaomi leaders are confident that investing in this sector means investing in the future. Only innovation can advance Xiaomi’s development.

It was also announced that the company’s revenue from international sales reached 48% in the third quarter of 2019 and would soon exceed 50%. Today we can confidently say that Xiaomi has joined the international market.

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Xiaomi entered the market with cheap smartphones, and later the company considered to be the manufacturer of cheap but good smartphones. This year, Xiaomi announced its desire to get rid of the iconic product manufacturer, separating the Redmi brand.

Experts believe that Xiaomi will become a global organization in the coming years. It is the name of a large number of companies, whose branches scattered all over the world.

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