Opinion: Xbox Series X vs PS5 – Developer sparked dispute with 120 FPS option

Opinion: Xbox Series X vs PS5 - Developer sparked dispute with 120 FPS option

In the competition between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Microsoft seems to have won, focusing on 120 FPS games. At least that’s what the developer said, which Sony obviously laid a lot of stones on the way to the PS5 console.

In addition to the hymns of praise from major studios and publishers, the indie developer Dynamic Voltage Games clears his anger on Twitter after the announcement of the underwater side scroller “Orphan of the Machine” sparked a discussion between the fan camps. The multiplatform title to both the PlayStation 5, and for the Xbox Series X appear. However, the developer stated that a high refresh rate of 120 FPS will only be available for Microsoft’s next-gen console. The indie studio did not compromise on equipping the PS5 version of the game with a 120 FPS option but reducing the resolution.

dynamic voltage games

Unlike the AAA developers, Dynamic Voltage Games shows itself openly on social media and engages in discussions with the gaming community: “Believe it or not, I did not design the PS5. Your case for Sony. maybe if I decrease the resolution. This is something I could consider, but Microsoft seems to be doing 120fps a lot more than Sony, so I intended this feature for the Series X. ” And the indie developer won’t be alone.

Dynamic Voltage Games also responded to a user who called Sony fans “poisonous” by stating “insecurity is madness” when discussing a notorious petition in which fans tried to boycott Devil May Cry 4 after it was declared multiplatform title, having lost its PlayStation exclusivity at the time. Aside from a humorous answer to some undeserved toxicity towards the developer, however, it also raises a major question – what about PS5 fps makes 120 fps on Xbox Series X more difficult for the former? Dynamic stress games explained that it is at least possible, but at the expense of resolution:

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It’s hardly something to be answered directly – especially not now, with some degree of secrecy still present for both next-gen consoles – but it looks like fps for the Xbox Series X could be easier to develop if nothing else. … However, this is just a developer’s estimate of fps on two consoles by one developer, so it is also possible that other developers have not faced similar issues.

|PS5 Game FPS Not As High As Xbox Series X, Dev Blames Sony

One developer stated that the reason the PlayStation 5 version of their game has a lower frame rate than the 120fps that its Xbox Series X counterpart would have is not their fault, stating that fans frustrated by this difference instead ” are quarreling ”with Sony. Developer reports on the hardware and technology available on each of the next-generation consoles are slowly starting to emerge as more industry players begin to work with them, and so far, Sony and Microsoft devices have received high praise.

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In the case of the PS5, this appears to be revolutionary SSD technology, bringing device boot times and other features that get the most attention. The developers have already described the PS5 SSD as a game-changer and the reviews have been consistently positive since then. As for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft – and consumers leaning toward the company’s console – have preached about their customer focus, including cross-segment capability, as a priority for at least the first few years of the new console’s lifecycle. That doesn’t mean the Xbox Series X hasn’t received as much praise given its hardware, as it has been described as incredibly powerful.

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|Educational communication is required from many players

Microsoft and Sony are promoting the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5) simultaneously with high 4K resolution, HDR, ray tracing, and frame rates up to 120 FPS. However, the two companies rarely report that it is hardly possible to combine these technologies, especially with graphically demanding games. Despite powerful AMD hardware and fast solid-state drives, the PC space is already showing that console gamers also have to choose between high resolutions and graphics quality or frame rates above 60 FPS. Even with the latter value, experts currently doubt that all developers can truly live up to it.

According to which the action movie Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Valhalla delivers next-gen consoles with 4K resolution, but then only offers 30 frames per second. Reaching or even exceeding the 60 FPS mark will only be possible if the resolution is reduced to 1080p. However, since this does not sound like “next-generation technology” from a marketing standpoint, the combination of resolution, graphics quality, and frame rate is overlooked. Discussions like this between Dynamic Voltage Games and the Xbox and PlayStation fan camps tend to escalate quickly.

In the end, however, it remains to be seen how possible information on UltraHD, ray tracing, HDR, 120Hz, and Co. Otto influences ordinary consumers when making purchasing decisions. In the end, the choice of exclusive games, the choice of consoles from friends, and previously used consoles in terms of backward compatibility should become a much more important factor.

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